It’s finally here,
a dedicated social network solution for the electronic
music industry.

Bookya dynamically links all players in the market together by displaying which DJ was booked by which Promoter for which event & where. All rosters of all electronic music booking agencies in one place, with communication tools & booking features without leaving the platform.
The last thing the industry needs, is an extra middle man or a replacement, taking cuts on booking fee’s. Bookya will never charge anyone a booking fee - word!



You career is all about making great music and connections. With Bookya networking just comes so much easier. We insta-boost your network with over 25,000 Electronic Music Professionals. We show you their detailed information, event histories and contact information.

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based on genre and location - we cover the whole globe.


You can find the right Booking Agency to represent you, in any corner of the world.

Or do it by yourself

and score your own gig by finding the perfect Promoter, Festival or Club matching your style.


All communication & bookings are finally in one central space

exclusive partner-deals

Bookya offers you exclusive partner-deals to get Studio Time, Photo-shoots, Mastering and many more to come.



As an Agency, your true value lies in the number of people you know. Get access to the Bookya Database with more than 4000 Promoters and over 7500 Venues. Leverage your networking skills and prove your worth to the Artists you represent.

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Upcoming talents

Leverage your networking skills and prove your worth to the Artists you represent. increase the chance of the upcoming talent to find you, or headhunt them pro-actively.

Dynamically linked artists

Artists are dynamically linked to Agency Rosters in Bookya, saving you time when forwarding requests from former clients or having the ones from your newest signing landing in the inbox of their former Agencies.

up to date profile

As all Bookya profiles are dynamically linked, making your Agency profile always up to date in terms of your roster and their agenda’s. We’re pretty confident we have your profile stored already, we identified over 1300 Booking Agencies, purely focused on Electronic Music.



What’s the Electronic Music scene without people throwing awesome parties? Promoters, Event Organisers or Talent Buyers - we love you. Bookya is therefore making your life a bit easier.

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dynamic Booking Request form

We offer you a dynamic Booking Request form, which means you only need to fill in the details of your upcoming event once. It becomes a more natural flow from discovering Artists, initiating communication and negotiating, making the booking request all the way until promoting your event and selling the tickets.

keeping track of agenda

Forget about excel sheets and keeping track of hundreds agenda’s in multiple different places - it’s now in on centralized location: Bookya. Don’t worry about integrating with your current tools - this is what we love doing and are doing already for a number of our pioneering users.



Venues; Clubs, Bars, Theaters, Concert Halls, Outdoor Area’s and perhaps even your own living room - actually every place where this magical thing called an Electronic Music Event taken place is important.

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It’s were memories have been made

and asses were danced off. Behind the stage a venue means business and you want things to run efficient. You also don’t want to throw a party the friday before that major festival.

organise your bookings

With Bookya you can organise your bookings, get a dynamically create ‘wall of fame’, get found by artists & promoters to be their host and have an instant glance of what your colleagues & competitors are doing on which weekend, with who. Plan, Organise & Book your events the smart way, use Bookya.